Thursday, August 6, 2015

Let's do the PHONICS DANCE

Research has demonstrated that a strong understanding of the relationship between letters and sounds is fundamental in learning to read.

The Phonics Dance is a research and brain based literacy program.

 Virginia Dowd is the author/creator of this great program.  You can visit the sight to find more information.  

We use the Phonics Dance videos everyday and it really gets the students excited and they are also able to move around!

Here are some pictures of how you could set up your own Phonics Dance bulletin boards check it out on my pinterest board!

I think I am going to have my students illustrate the picture for us instead of using these.  That way it gives them more ownership!  I can't wait for school to start! #BTS15

Have a FANTASTIC day!!

Amy Jordan

@fantasticfirstgrade on Instagram

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