Tuesday, July 14, 2015


STINKY FEET is something I stumbled upon while on Pinterest.  Alyssa from FourthGradeRAcers wrote about it and I was instantly excited. Here’s a Picture from her blog.

you can check out how she uses this review game on her blog FourthGradeRAcers.  Her version is not tailored for Firsties, so I thought of how we could adapt it to fit our class needs.

I love how versatile this could be.  You can use this game with anything you are teaching.  I think it could also be a perfect #FIP activity.  The students would be engaged the whole time.  

Anyways, Alyssa writes numbers on the back of the post-its and students pick post-its when they get an answer correct.  They receive positive or negative points.  I think that we could use whichever team makes it to ten wins.  I also think you could just use tally marks too.  This would be a great review for math and ELA at the same time.  WooHoo!!!!   I can't wait to make my own "STAnky Foot"!!!!

Fantastic First Grade
Amy Jordan

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