Monday, July 27, 2015

Technology Overload, almost #paperlessclassroom, My room is a WRECK!!!

I’ve been a tech addict for the past several weeks.  I seriously feel that I am on INFORMATION OVERLOAD.  I have definitely found a new love for PERISCOPING and can’t seem to stop watching for way too long. 
I have also joined the twitter world and have also become addicted to checking it ALL the time.  I mean what was my life before all this.  I was enjoying reading my books and working on my garden.

I would post a picture of my garden, but I am ashamed to admit that it’s hard to see it amongst the weeds. 

I know you can't see what I'm doing on the Ipads.  I am researching a way to go almost #paperless this year.  My husband has been working really hard on helping me.  I have been looking at Splashtop Classroom and Explain Everything Interactive Whiteboard.  These both are good apps but I believe Explain Everything may be just about what I need for my firsties.

Last but not least, I'm trying to stay calm.........(insert big sigh) MY classroom has yet to be touched.  SERIOUSLY NOT ONE INCH!!!!!! We start school in three weeks!!!! THREE WEEKS!!!!!!  I have so much to get organized and I can't do a dang thing!!!! (BOO!!!)  

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One last note, I have been working on Calendar Questions to use during Math Stations.  I'm hoping to have them completed this week.  My goal is for students to be able to use these cards daily.  I also differentiated them.  Real excited and know that this is just another step in going almost #paperlessclassroom.

Have a Fantastic Day!!!
Amy Jordan

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