Friday, October 2, 2015

My 2015-16 Jungle Classroom

I apologize for being an absentee blogger!  I just haven't been able to take the time to share.  I am taking a few minutes to share my gorgeous classroom with you.  My husband is so talented and helped me design an amazing room this year!  We spent countless hours (literally stayed til 1 in the morning some nights) to get this done.  I am very proud of how good my room looks and my students enjoy being in Mrs. Jordan's Jungle Room!  The best part is how my AWESOME husband made a couch out of school desks for me!  My students love sitting their and reading!  The only way they are allowed on the couch is if they can tie their own shoes.  They must take their shoes off to keep the couch clean.  I only have a few students left that are real close to learning how to tie their shoes!

Have a great Friday all!

Amy Jordan

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